The Elron farecard is an electronic chip card onto which you can buy tickets and load money and which you can use to buy tickets on Elron’s website and on the train. The card gives a 10% discount on all tickets purchased from a ticket machine on the train and it allows you to buy season tickets.


Buy your farecard from a
customer service representative
on board Elron trains or from
the ticket offices at the Baltic and
Tartu Stations.


The farecard costs
EUR 2.50.

How do I use the farecard?

You can use the farecard as an alternative to paper tickets. You can load your ticket to the farecard and validate it when you board the train, either at the ticket machine at every door or with on-board staff. Please make sure that you carry the card with you because tickets loaded to it are only valid together with the farecard.

You can load credit to your farecard and use it to buy tickets on the train or, provided you have an Elron account, buy tickets online with the farecard credit. You can buy several tickets with one farecard.

You need the farecard if you wish to buy a season ticket. The farecard gives a 10% discount on tickets purchased from a ticket machine on the train and on season tickets bought online.

How can I load money to my farecard?

You can load money to your farecard online, or on the train with the help of on-board staff. The smallest amount that you can load to the farecard is €1 online and €15 on the train, and in the latter case you can increase it in steps of 5€ (€15, €20, €25 and so on).

You can use the money on your farecard to buy tickets online or on the train with a 10% discount. You need an Elron account to buy tickets online with the farecard credit

Where can I see my farecard transaction history?

You can see your transaction history here by

How can I buy a ticket from a ticket machine on the train with my Elron farecard?

– Tap the farecard on the reader.

– Choose the end station, or the zone of your end station when travelling in the zoned area near Tallinn.

– Choose your ticket.  If you want to use the discount for registered residents with the Public Transportation Smartcard (Ühiskaart), press „Select“ next to “Ühiskaart discounted ticket” and tap your Smartcard. If you want to buy a regular ticket without the Public Transportation Smartcard, choose „Single ticket“ or „Discounted single ticket“.

– The ticket machine will display the price.

– Tap the farecard on the reader to confirm the transaction.

You can only buy single tickets in standard class and you get 10% off compared to buying them from on-board staff or from ticket offices.

How long is my farecard valid?

The Elron farecard is valid as long as it is being used. Elron reserves the right to cancel without advance notice farecards that have not been used for three years.

Can the farecard be used by more than one person?

Yes, it can. The farecard is not personalised and it can have a number of tickets on it.  It is important, however, that the farecard to which a ticket has been loaded is carried by the passenger who is travelling with the ticket because the ticket is only valid together with the farecard.

Save time and money – buy a ticket online

A ticket bought online gives a 15% discount compared to a ticket bought from the customer service representative on the train.

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